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6 Steps to choosing the right Roof Window

Date: 09/01/20

Choosing the right roof windows can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the many options available. This simple guide walks you through the 6 main steps to choosing the right roof window for your home improvement project, whether that be a new extension, an extension upgrade or an orangery.

  1. Lantern vs flat skylight. The first step in choosing the right roof window is to choose between a lantern and a flat skylight. What’s the difference in these two types of roof window you might ask? In very simple terms, a flat skylight is a type of roof window which is one large sheet of glass within a frame and is usually sat atop a kerb so that from the inside, it is raised up, rather than being flush with the ceiling. A lantern, on the other hand, is a pitched roof window that is made up of a high central ridge, different panes of glass and glazing bars in between the sheets of glass. A lantern looks like a small conservatory roof. In terms of choosing the right roof window and choosing between a lantern or a flat skylight, this is largely down to personal preference – both lanterns and flat skylights can be used on flat roof extensions or orangeries and suit both traditional and modern projects.
  2. Think about the look you want to achieve with your roof windows. While lantern and flat skylight roof windows can both be used across modern or traditional style projects, there is still a choice to make in terms of the look you want to achieve. With a lantern roof window, you are always going to get some element of height as the roof is pitched up to a central ridge. This feeling of height will help to make your room feel larger. You can also create this feeling of height with a flat skylight by sitting it atop a kerb, or alternatively, flat skylights can be installed so they are more flush to the ceiling. Another thing to consider is that when you look up through a lantern, you will see a mix of glass and the bars of the frame, whereas when you look up through a flat skylight roof window, you see only glass. This is especially true of the Ultrasky flat skylight roof window as it boasts unique frameless edge to edge glass technology – meaning that you don’t even see a frame around the edge of the roof window, unlike on other systems.
  3. Choose the position of your roof window. Once you have decided between a lantern or flat skylight roof window, the next step is to choose the position on your roof where your roof windows will be installed. It’s important to think about where you will want natural light in the room below, as well as obstacles on the outside which might block natural light in certain areas, e.g. large trees or buildings. This one is a big decision so think very carefully about where to position your roof windows!
  4. Choose the size of your roof window. The next step is to choose the size of your roof windows. Obviously, the lighter you want your room (and the adjoining rooms to be) the bigger you should make your roof windows. If you want a light, bright, airy room then go for roof windows as large as your budget will allow.
  5. Choose the glazing colour for your roof window. A choice of glazing colours is available on both lantern and flat skylight roof windows. All tend to be high-performance glass, the choice of colour is purely aesthetic. Clear glazing will show the true colour of the sky above, blue glazing will always give a brighter appearance so even on a cloudy day, the sky will look blue, while darker glass tints such as grey or brown will offer some shade from the sun by darkening its rays when they enter your home through the roof windows.
  6. Choose the frame colour for your roof windows. If you have chosen a lantern roof window, then the frame colour is important as this will be visible from the inside and the outside. Ultrasky lanterns are available in grey, white or black internally and externally and in a choice of PVC or aluminium. The internal colour is especially important as it will be very visible and will form part of the colour scheme of your room.

There you have it, the top 6 steps to choosing the right roof window for you and your home improvement project, we hope it’s been useful and interesting to read. If you need any further information about roof windows, remember that Ultraframe has been the world market leader in the design and manufacture of conservatory roofing systems for over 35 years, and so the best place to look is here on this website.

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