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We’ve brought together the very latest news and views, ideas and information about Ultrasky roof lanterns, for installers and customers, to help you understand every aspect of our industry-leading roof lights.

Here you’ll find articles dedicated to every detail of our lanterns, from the strength of the structure, to the style of the finish. Each short piece is designed to help installers make that sale simpler, and help customers to make a more informed choice.

We’ll even take a look at some of the advantages of Ultrasky lanterns that you may never have thought of, like the joys of indoor stargazing from the comfort of your own home.

We’ll be updating these interesting articles all the time, so check back on a regular basis for all the latest expert insights and top sales strategies.

Thermally broken roof lanterns

Thermally broken glazing technology is a fantastic way to insulate a window and frame. Read More

Are Roof Lanterns Really an Energy Saver?

Is it true that roof lanterns are really an energy saver? Good for the environment, and your pocket? Well, put simply, the answer is yes – let’s look at why. Read More

10 Benefits of Roof Lanterns for You and Your Home

Ultrasky roof lanterns look great, and are surprisingly affordable, but what are the other benefits of an Ultrasky roof lantern? Read More

Let the Light in this Spring with an Ultrasky Roof Lantern

We emerge from the winter, blinking in the new light and feel energised, make the most of this light, add an Ultrasky roof lantern to your home. Read More

Protecting your furnishings

Glass technology has improved greatly over the last few years. Ultrasky are at the cutting edge of this technology, so you can be sure that your expensive furniture will be safe from the sun's rays. Read More

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