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Adding Sparkle to your Roof Light: Keep your Ultrasky Roof Lantern Looking Like New

Date: 19/03/18

What are the key concerns what you look to buy a roof lantern. How are you going to keep it clean? One of the main advantages of an Ultrasky roof lantern is the True Self Cleaning technology that coats every panel of glass. This technology is great, and it means that you should never need to clamber on to the roof to clean your windows. But what exactly is True Self Cleaning?

True Self Cleaning Technology

True Self Cleaning technology refers to a titanium-dioxide coating on the panel of glass. This chemical addition works in two ways: it encourages a photocatalytic process which converts water molecules into hydroxyl radicals which attack organic (dirt) molecules and breaks them down into harmless (and clean) byproducts. It also makes the glass hydrophilic (water-loving) – meaning the coating encourages water to run evenly across the pane and wipe it like a sponge.

So I never need to clean my Roof Lantern?

In theory, this means that you should never need to clean your roof windows, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind. This technology requires water to function, so if you get a couple of dry weeks in the summer, you will need to hose the roof lantern down for the technology to work.

The other consideration is that all this technology is concentrated on the outside of the glass (where the most dirt appears). If you have a roof lantern in a room prone to dust or cooking residues, you will need to occasionally clean the inside of the unit.

A good way to do this is with a sponge attached to a pole. Simply use a little soapy water and clean evenly to avoid streaks. Another good tip is to do this job on a cloudy day, sunny days will dry the water too quickly, encouraging streaks.

For more information about Self-Cleaning technology and letting light stream in through your sparkling clean Ultrasky roof lantern, please contact the team.

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