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Beat the back to school blues with UltraSky

Date: 03/09/17

Going back to school after the summer holidays can seem like a drag, for parents as well as kids! There are packed lunches to make, the school run to organise, homework to do and uniforms to clean. But having a beautiful bright living space can help to make these everyday chores seem a little less tiresome. Here are a few ways that UltraSky can help you banish the back to school blues.

Bright and early

If getting your kids, and yourself, out of bed in the morning is a struggle, then maybe you could do with a helping hand from mother nature. Natural light can help clear the sleep from your eyes and get you ready for the day. An UltraSky roof lantern floods your interiors with sunlight. Our design uses fewer bars than many competing brands, to maximise the amount of light that enters the room below. We also use Conservaglass glazing with inbuilt UV filters to give you the benefit of sunlight while filtering out damaging radiation. So installing an UltraSky skylight in your living space could help to make your mornings feel a little brighter.

Multitasking mornings

Are your mornings a multitasking nightmare? If you’re supervising breakfast while also making sandwiches and grabbing a strong cup of coffee, then an open plan living area can make your morning routine a little less hectic. With an open plan kitchen dining-room you can keep an eye on the breakfast table while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil!

If you’re considering creating an open plan living area then a single storey extension is a popular and stylish way to transform your space. UltraSky roof lanterns are ideally suited for installation in to a single storey extension and help to give your living area the feeling of space and light that is so sought after in modern homes. A roof light helps to bring light in to the centre of a large room and our assembly system makes installation a straightforward job for your building team. Our choice of sizes, materials and colours mean that with UltraSky you can be confident of finding the perfect match for your designs, both inside and out.

Family time

At the end of a busy day, it’s important that you have a comfortable space to relax together as a family. UltraSky rooflights help to create a warm and bright living space. Our units are amongst the most thermally efficient on the market and our Conservaglass glazing is toughened against the worst UK weather, ensuring that in the winter your home remains warm and cosy whatever the weather. And in summer weather, roof lanterns can provide an atmospheric place to enjoy a family meal in the evening sunshine, without having to worry about the odd shower!

Busy families are on the go from sun up to sun down, but with a little help from an UltraSky roof lantern you can start and end the day feeling sunny. Order your Ultrasky Skylight online now or call 01200 452 246 to speak to the Ultrasky sales hotline.

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