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Can you afford not to install a roof lantern?

Date: 01/10/17

‘The price of light is less than the cost of darkness’ - Arthur Nielsen

 The American businessman Arthur Nielsen was probably not thinking about skylights when he wrote this, but it illustrates a good point when considering natural light in your home.

A dark room is unpleasant. It can lead to problems with cold and damp, and it looks gloomy, dingy and depressing. Sometimes a dark room can be ameliorated by clever positioning of lamps and mirrors, but by far the best solution is to use natural sunlight to brighten a room. If the room has a flat roof, then a roof lantern will provide lots of light.

But what about the cost? Well roof lanterns are far less expensive than you would think. Ultrasky can provide a new roof lantern from as little as £972.60 (ex. VAT and delivery). When you compare that to the cost of taking out a wall to add more windows, a roof lantern is good value for money.

New single-storey extensions

Our roof lanterns are often bought by people who are planning a new single-storey extension to their home. This is a great time to purchase a roof lantern as the cost can be added to the budget of the extension. This will only add a fraction to the price of your extension, but the rewards from the extra light will be huge. It’s also much cheaper to install as part of a new build rather than adding a lantern in to an existing roof at a later date.

Resale value

One of the top reasons that people choose not to buy a house is dark, gloomy rooms. If you decide to sell your home in the future, potential buyers will notice the amount of light in each room. If they walk into a beautiful room, flooded with light from above, they’re going to be impressed. So the addition of a roof lantern can really improve your resale value.

Think of it as an investment: A roof lantern can add value to your home and light to your life. Can you afford not to?

You can use the calculator on our homepage to get an instant quote for your roof lantern or call our customer service team today on 01200 452 246 (lines open Monday – Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm).

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