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Flat Roof Design Ideas

Date: 02/01/20

Flat roof design ideas

Flat roof extensions have grown hugely in popularity over recent years and can take the form of either a ‘typical’ flat roof extension or an orangery design. At one time flat roof extensions had somewhat of a poor reputation – often being regarded as being dark gloomy spaces that often leaked. However, technology has moved on so much in recent years that this is no longer the case. There are many flat roof design ideas that incorporate flat glass roof systems to create living spaces that are bright, light and airy. Not only this, but the technology hasn’t only moved on from an aesthetic point of view – flat roof systems are now highly thermally efficient and can be used to create beautiful, warm, modern living spaces.

Flat roof design ideas are often part of contemporary open plan extensions which are paired with flat glass roof systems to flood the room and adjoining living spaces below with natural light. When it comes to the flat glass roof systems that can be paired with flat roof design ideas, there are several options to choose from.

Flat glass roof systems

The main flat glass roof system that is used on flat roof designs is a flat skylight. Flat skylights are basically a large window in the flat roof which does not feature any bars like on a lantern roof – when you look up from inside the extension you simply see a large piece of glass. This clean look is even more pronounced on an Ultrasky Flat Skylight from Ultraframe thanks to the frameless technology which ensures edge to edge glazing and no sign of a frame at all.

Thanks to these minimalist aesthetics, flat skylight flat glass roof systems are ideal for pairing with flat roof design ideas and the two together create quite spectacular living spaces.

The Ultrasky Flat Skylight from Ultraframe is a class-leading product in many respects and is a great choice of flat glass roof system for any flat roof extension for the following reasons:

  1. The Ultrasky Flat Skylight is the warmest flat glass roof system on the market with a U-Value of just 1.2.
  2. It’s also the quietest flat glass roof system on the market, offering noise reduction of up to 34Db.
  3. Need a flat glass roof system that’s super-fast and easy to fit? No problem – the Ultrasky Flat Skylight is 50% quicker to fit than other flat skylights and features unique click-fit technology to make the installation as easy as possible.
  4. There are many options for personalisation with the Ultrasky flat skylight flat glass roof system, including standard or bespoke sizes, any RAL colour and a choice of glazing colours and specifications.
  5. Frameless glass technology on the Ultrasky flat glass roof system gives a unique edge-to-edge glass look – for streamlined modern aesthetics.

If the modern simplicity of a flat skylight flat glass roof system isn’t quite right for your home improvement project, another flat roof design idea that you might want to consider is a lantern roof. While not strictly a flat glass roof system due to it’s pitched nature, a lantern is a fantastic alternative to a flat glass roof system such as a flat skylight.

What is a lantern flat glass roof system?

A lantern is a great choice of flat glass roof system and suits both flat roof extensions and orangeries alike. A lantern differs to the main type of flat glass roof system – the flat skylight – because it is not simply one large piece of glass, it is pitched up to a central ridge, rather like a small conservatory roof, and is made up of several pieces of glass, as well as glazing bars. If a lantern is your preferred option for a flat glass roof system, the Ultrasky Lantern from Ultraframe is the best available on the market for many reasons, including:

  1. It has 25% fewer bars than conventional flat glass roof system lanterns meaning better views
  2. The Ultrasky Lantern is the strongest lantern on the market which is the reason it can have so few bars and offer a contemporary look.
  3. The Ultrasky Lantern flat glass roof system will remain watertight in winds of up to 130mph.
  4. Choose from aluminium or UPVC inside or out.
  5. Choose from a range of standard colours or any bespoke colour on request.

As you can see, there are several key options for flat glass roof systems. It’s important to do plenty of research and work out which will be the best flat glass roof system for your extension or orangery. There is no right or wrong answer as such, it’s all about personal preference and choosing products that suit both your project and the rest of your home. Many people think that an orangery has to have a pitched flat glass roof system, known as a lantern roof and that a flat roof extension should have flat skylights but this is not the case. Choose the flat glass roof system which best meets your needs and complements your home and then make the roof personal to you by choosing your colour, material, size etc.

Choosing a flat glass roof system needn’t be daunting, as long as you understand the options available to you. Enjoy choosing the best flat glass roof system for your home and enjoy the many benefits it will bring to the living space below.

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