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Let the Light in this Spring with an Ultrasky Roof Lantern

Date: 01/02/18

Spring is a time of rebirth. A time for new beginnings – when we say goodbye to our gloomy British winter and look forward to a bright new start. The daffodils bloom, new lambs gambol in the fields, and we feel refreshed.
It’s also traditionally a time to make changes to our homes. Spring cleaning refreshes our living space, and the change to longer days and (hopefully) drier weather means that it is a great time to start on any construction projects or extension work.
We emerge from the winter, blinking in the new light and feel energised.

A great way to make the most of this light is to add an Ultrasky roof lantern to your home. They look great, the contemporary designs are stylish when viewed from inside or outside the property, but the main benefit is the light that they add to your room. You could say that any skylight window would do the same thing and you’d be right to a degree: any window will add light to a room. The benefit of an Ultrasky roof lantern is the unique design: every Ultrasky roof lantern has a pitch of 25% - this pitch gives a significantly greater surface area for the light to flood in. Ultrasky also have fewer and narrower bars in their design, so more of that surface area is glass. Roof lanterns are still incredibly strong and sturdy, but they are way more efficient at letting in light than their competitors.

If you are planning changes to your home this spring, and would like some more information about how an Ultrasky roof lantern could bring some welcome spring sunshine into your home, please contact us for a chat.

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