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Making Space

Date: 07/07/17

Let’s face it; we’d all like a bit more space in our home, yet moving to a bigger house can be really expensive. Just the cost of moving alone can be eye-watering, with the average cost of a home move estimated to be around eight and a half thousand pounds – and that’s before you start paying for a bigger mortgage on your bigger home. That’s why choosing an extension, lit by Ultrasky lantern rooflights, makes so much more sense.

Extending your home

There are lots of reasons why you might need more space. If you are starting a family, you’ll need loads of room for that ‘baby bomb’ that is about to go off in your life, filling your home with high chairs, baby walkers, toys, playpens, prams, buggies and so much more. Even if your kids are older, you might still want more space so they can have their own games room or music room that is separate from the peace and quiet of your lounge.

If your kids have grown and gone, you might want a bit more space as you approach retirement, because you’re going to be spending much more time at home than you used to. You may even need that space earlier in your career if you’re lucky enough to lose the commute and work from home.

Build a brighter space

Whatever you need more room for, you want to make sure that space is a vibrant addition to your home that is flooded with light and life. And there’s no better way to achieve that than with lantern skylights from Ultrasky.

You can buy skylights online, for your builder to incorporate into your extension design. It’s so easy to buy roof lanterns online from Ultrasky, because each one is made to order. Just give us your exact measurements, material and colour choice, and Ultrasky’s expert team will create stunning bespoke skylights that will just slot right in, effortlessly, adding undeniable style to your new extension.

Adding value to your home

Spending £8,500 moving house is a cost you will never get back, but if you invest that money towards an extension, you will increase the value of your current home and probably get back much more than you spent when you do come to sell. What’s more, by creating more room, you’re investing in your lifestyle right now, making your home lighter, brighter and bigger, to accommodate all your changing needs as your family grows.

So why waste time and money on the upheaval of a house move, when you can get all the extra space you need in an extension, stylishly lit by an Ultrasky lantern roof light.

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