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Options For Your Flat Roof

Date: 15/11/19

Flat Roofs with Roof Windows

Home extensions with flat roofs and roof windows are becoming more and more popular. While flat roofs had a poor reputation in the past as they were known for having issues with leaking, new modern technology means that this is a thing of the past. The simple modern style of flat roofs means that they have become very popular over recent years.

For many people, when they are adding a new extension to their home, as well as adding extra space, a very important aim is to also add lots of extra light. People like bringing extra light into their home wherever they can because natural light has many benefits:

  1. Natural light has been proven to enhance and improve your mood and mental health. Everyone feels happier and brighter when the sun shines and this is based on the same principles.
  2. Natural light makes a room feel larger.
  3. Natural light gives a room a happier feel – the same effect that it has on us humans! Think of a dark room – the word you think of to describe it is often gloomy, but a light room filled with sunlight would never be described as gloomy. And so this means that rooms full of natural light are more enjoyable to spend time in.

So, as natural light has so many benefits, most people who are adding a new room to their home with a flat roof, choose to bring natural light in by installing flat windows which are also known as skylights or lanterns.

While there are different options of roof window, there are also different flat roof options, so let’s have a look at what your choices are when choosing a flat roof.

Flat Roof Options

The first thing to choose is the overall look of your new flat roof extension. The fascia detail on a flat roof extension largely dictates the overall style and so is often a useful first step. Here are the options:

  1. Classic. A classic fascia is a great choice if you want to give your flat roof extension a touch of elegance and a more traditional look. Classic fascia is similar to that which you may see around the eaves of a conservatory.
  2. Contemporary. As the name suggests, a contemporary fascia is a sleek option with clean lines which will give your flat roof extension a contemporary look.
  3. Parapet. A parapet fascia stands proud of the flat roof – giving a dramatic and contemporary look.

Once you have chosen your flat roof fascia option, it’s time to choose the flat roof windows. With flat roof windows for flat roof extensions you have two options:

  1. Lantern roof windows
  2. Flat skylight roof windows

Either of these options of roof window will provide a beautiful effect on your flat roof extension. If you’re not sure what is the difference between lantern roof windows and flat skylight roof windows, here is a handy guide.

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