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Skylight Success

Date: 03/01/16

Ultrasky are hoping for good weather and are looking forward to a bumper year for skylight sales in 2016. Skylights are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to improve the amount of light reaching their home. A lantern style 3d skylight represents a greater surface area to attract light and focuses it on the room. After November 2015 represented a record month for the least amount of sunlight recorded since records began, here's hoping that 2016 gives us the sunlight we all crave.

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Flat Roof Design Ideas

2nd January 2020

The main flat glass roof system that is used on flat roof designs is a flat skylight. Flat skylights are basically a large window in the flat roof which does not feature any bars like on a lantern roof.

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How to purchase Roof Windows online

17th December 2019

When you order roof windows online from the Ultrasky website, you can be assured that there is a whole host of support available.

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What determines the best Skylight?

10th December 2019

The Ultraframe Ultrasky Flat Skylight can be personalised in many different ways and so this should also help you to determine that it is the best skylight.

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