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The Benefits Of Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Date: 03/06/19

There are many options for roof lanterns with a choice of materials being just one. Aluminium roof lanterns are a popular choice for those wanting products with sleek, clean lines and the Ultrasky aluminium roof lantern from Ultraframe features aluminium cappings both internally and externally. 

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about the benefits of aluminium roof lanterns and why they are the perfect choice for your home improvement project.

Aluminium roof lantern aesthetics

For many people, when choosing the skylights for their home extension or orangery, aesthetics are one of the first considerations. While flat roof skylights provide simple clean lines, a roof lantern offers an extra sense of drama and grandeur thanks to the height of the roof at the ridge. 

While a lantern is basely loosely on a small conservatory roof in terms of appearance, an aluminium roof lantern takes this style of roof and makes it a contemporary option for today’s extensions. Choosing an aluminium roof lantern means that your extension will be flooded with natural light and thanks to the slimline aluminium bars, there will be fewer bars and more glass.

Not only are the bars on the Ultrasky aluminium roof lantern slim, but there are also 25% fewer of them than on a conventional glazed roof to truly maximise the amount of glass and consequently, the amount of light in the room below.

Another aesthetic benefit of choosing an aluminium roof lantern is the neat, slimline radius end, as opposed to a much larger component on a PVCu roof lantern. The radius end is the point where the glazing bars meet the ridge (the highest point of the lantern) and the slimline finish of the radius end on an aluminium roof lantern gives a modern look to the roof as well as meaning that more of the glass is visible.

If your preferred style for your home and interiors is sleek, clean and contemporary, then an aluminium roof lantern is the perfect skylight choice for you.

Aluminium roof lantern thermal performance 

Aluminium roof lanterns from Ultraframe perform at the highest levels of thermal efficiency, with the Ultrasky lantern being the warmest aluminium roof lantern on the market.

How is this achieved? At the core of the system is a PVCu skeleton which features thermal breaks both inside and out for the ultimate in thermal performance. The system also features a thermally insulated eaves rail and fully insulated aluminium under cladding – something rarely found on an aluminium roof lantern. Finished off with sleek aluminium cappings, both internally and externally, the Ultrasky aluminium roof lantern provides the very best of both worlds – the unbeatable thermal performance of PCVu coupled with the stunning slimline aesthetics of aluminium.

Unique secure-fit end caps are a further thermal barrier on the Ultrasky Lantern along with a thermally isolating top cap clip.

Aluminium roof lantern strength 

The secret to the beauty of the Ultrasky Lantern lies in its strength. Featuring the UK’s strongest ridge, this means that fewer bars are needed to support the glazing panels, culminating in a lantern which has fewer bars and more glass.

The strength of the system not only contributes towards the Ultrasky Lantern’s stunning good looks, but it also means that it is suitable for large spans and the Ultrasky Lantern can be produced in sizes as large as 4m x 5.85m.

Aluminium roof lantern colours

To complement any home, the Ultrasky Lantern is available in white or the ever-popular anthracite grey. These colours can be the same on both faces or you may want to mix them up – for example, grey on white refers to grey exterior bars and white interior bars. This is a fantastic choice for an aluminium roof lantern – offering a strong contemporary look from the outside, coupled with white on the inside to keep the interior looking light and fresh.

We hope that this page has answered some of the key questions you may have about aluminium roof lanterns and how they can be used in your extension or orangery project. The Ultrasky Lantern from Ultraframe is class-leading in terms of its strength, thermal performance, and aesthetics. If you have any other questions about how the system can enhance your home improvement project, your local Ultraframe installer will be happy to help and advise.

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