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Thermally broken roof lanterns

Date: 19/02/18

What does ‘thermally broken’ mean?

Thermally ‘broken’ sounds bad, right? I mean – who wants a ‘broken’ window. Well… you do! Thermally broken glazing technology is a fantastic way to insulate a window and frame. It basically means having a piece of material that doesn’t conduct heat at all, as a barrier between two materials that do conduct heat. In the case of a window that barrier would sit between the inner and outer aluminium or PVC frame, keeping the cold out.

Why is this so important for roof lanterns?

Because of the geometrical shape of a roof lantern, there is inevitably more frame material. You wouldn’t notice this on a modern Ultrasky roof lantern, because the frame material is so slender, but it is still there and for superb thermal efficiency, it’s important that the frame is thermally broken. These thermal breaks will also prevent condensation, which will improve the appearance and longevity of the product.

Are all thermally broken units the same?

All thermally broken units are good, but it’s the attention to detail that comes with an Ultrasky product that sets it apart from the crowd. Aluminium frames are insulated with foam and an air gap. Ultrasky have pioneered a new thermally insulated ridge end with a self-adhesive thermal shield. They have the best thermal efficiency of any roof-lantern on the market. Even on a cold day, you can touch the inside frame of an Ultrasky roof lantern, and it will be warm to the touch.

For more information about the science of thermal technology, contact our team.

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