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What determines the best Skylight?

Date: 10/12/19

If you’re looking for a skylight to add to your extension or orangery, then it’s important to understand what determines the best skylight so that you can make the right choice for your project. To properly determine the best skylight, you need to have an understanding of what you need to look for when researching different skylights. When undertaking a home improvement project, it can be a daunting task as you want to ensure that you not only choose products that look beautiful, but also that they are the best performing products from a technical and thermal point of view. These are all key things to consider when thinking about what determines the best skylight.

Here are the top 3 things that determine which is the best skylight:

1.    Thermal performance to determine the best skylight

The performance of a skylight from a thermal point of view is very important as this will affect the warmth of your new extension or orangery. When having an extension or orangery built, you want to be able to use and enjoy it every day of the year, no matter what the weather – just like any other room in your home. While the skylight/s will only account for a proportion of the roof, they will still have an effect on the overall warmth of the room below and so determining which is the best skylight from a thermal performance point of view is vitally important. With home improvement products such as skylights, the thermal performance measure which helps you understand what is the best skylight is measured as a U-Value. The lower the U-Value, the more thermally efficient the skylight is and this should help you determine the best skylight. The energy efficient design of the Ultraframe Ultrasky Flat Skylight creates the most thermally efficient rooflight on the market thanks to 3 key factors which determine that it is the best skylight in terms of thermal performance:
•    Superior thermal performance due to the insulated core 
•    Thermally efficient kerb option available
•    Overall U-Value of just 1.2

2.    Personalisation options to determine the best skylight

Making your new extension or orangery your own by personalising it with products that perfectly reflect your sense of style is a great way to ensure that your new living space is the perfect addition to your home. It’s also a great way to determine which is the best skylight. The Ultraframe Ultrasky Flat Skylight can be personalised in many different ways and so this should also help you to determine that it is the best skylight. The ways that the Ultrasky Flat Skylight can be personalised that determine that it’s the best skylight, are:
•    A choice of colours – grey, black or white as standard or any RAL colour on request
•    A choice of glazing colours – choose from clear or blue
•    Choose from the range of standard sizes or have an Ultrasky Flat Skylight made to your exact dimensions.
As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can personalise your Ultrasky skylight and these determine what is the best skylight. 

3.    Noise reduction to determine best skylight

So far, we have looked at how to determine the best skylight in terms of thermal performance and the options to personalise the skylight to your exact requirements. For the third way to determine the best skylight, we’re going to look at noise reduction. Noise reduction is another really important consideration when choosing a skylight and a great way to determine the best skylight. The noise reduction properties of a skylight are especially important if you live on or near to a busy road or close to anything producing a high level of noise, such as an airport or a city centre location. The Ultrasky Flat Skylight is the best skylight on the market in terms of noise reduction properties thanks to the following features:
•    Unrivalled noise reduction
•    Innovative noise reducing glass
•    A combination of 4mm and 6mm stepped units, delivering up to 34DB noise reduction

Determining the best skylight – a summary

Now that you’ve read the top 3 reasons to determine the best skylight, we hope you have a better understanding of the various features and options which are important when choosing the best skylight for your extension or orangery.

Of course, determining the best skylight is something that’s personal to you and your project, because the best skylight is the one that combines various features to make it the best skylight for you and your home.

If you need any further information about choosing the best skylight for your home improvement project, take a look at the information page on our Ultrasky Flat Skylight and this should help you to realise that it really is the best skylight on the market. 

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