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Look out for Santa with UltraSky

Date: 04/12/17

Christmas is a magical time of the year. And for those of us who will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Father Christmas this year, an Ultrasky roof lantern is the ideal place for a spot of Santa-watching.

Plenty of space

UltraSky roof lanterns aren’t like traditional windows. Roof lanterns are a beautiful glazed structure that can be fitted in the centre of a new or existing flat roof. They allow light directly in to the centre of the room during the day, and at night time you can use them to gaze out at the night sky without getting cold outside. On a clear night you might be able to star-gaze and if you’re looking out on Christmas Eve there’s no knowing what, or who, you might see...

Let’s light through, keeps heat in

Roof lanterns are a brilliant way of letting sunshine in to the house. The unique structure and superior spanning performance of Ultrasky roof lanterns allows the maximum amount of light to flood in to the room below, which creates a wonderful feeling of space and brightens up your living area. Our roof lanterns are also the most thermally efficient on the market. They feature a thermally broken ridge and insulated bars. If it’s a cold Christmas night, an UltraSky product will keep in more precious heat than competing brands. But they do let out the light – so when you are warm and cosy in your home your roof lantern will be shining like a beacon for anyone who might be flying above. Make sure you put out the mince pies and brandy.

Toughened glass

Ultrasky use only the highest quality materials to manufacture our roof lanterns. We use premium Conservaglass glazing which is self-cleaning, contains UV filters and is available in several different coloured tints, including blue, clear, aqua and brown. It is also toughened against the worst of the UK weather. So if there is a white Christmas, or an unexpected magical rooftop delivery, you can be confident that your roof lantern can withstand it.*

Magical prices

If you’re enchanted by the idea of an Ultrasky roof light, you’ll be pleased to hear that our prices are also remarkable. Our roof lanterns are available to everyone at trade prices, giving you exceptional value for money. You can receive a quote today using our online price calculator or by calling our friendly sales team on 01200 452 246 Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm.

*Please note that roof lanterns are not safe to stand on. Magic Christmas elves, sleighs and reindeer only.

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